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Emergency ultrasound guided injection?

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JRulez7lek Sun 26-May-19 22:08:17

So 2 years ago I injured my hand in a fall. No broken bones but possibly a torn tendon. I saw a few hand specialist and they all said the same thing "possibly a torn tendon. Go get an ultrasound guided injection on your wrist and if that doesn't work, you'll need surgery".

The NHS put me on a waiting list 6 months ago to get the ultrasound guided injection. At first they told me it'd take a couple of months. A month ago they told me it'd take 16 weeks. Now they're telling me it'll take 22 weeks. The wait is getting LONGER rather than shorter.

In the meantime my wrist problems have gotten so bad that I can no longer do my job or handle menial tasks. It keeps me awake at night and I'm in agony.

What do I do? Can I go to the emergency department over this and if I do, can they even help? I assume it's only a select few doctors who can help me with the ultrasound guided injection and they're probably not in the emergency department. So what's the solution?

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Lwmommy Sun 26-May-19 22:14:51

What is it an injection off?

Options I can think of:

1) go private
2) call the hospital booking line and see if you're u can make an apt, sometimes it works, I got an earlier date for surgery by doing this once
3) would physio help in the meantime, some GPs you can self refer to physio

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