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Incisional hernia?

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LarkDescending Sun 26-May-19 00:37:16

I am wondering whether I have an incisional hernia.

Back story: I had open abdominal surgery and ileostomy in October 2017, with the ileostomy reversed in February 2018.

Immediately after the reversal I had a swollen tender lump (or undulation really - not a discrete lump as such) a couple of inches above the former stoma site. I was told they had had to cut into the muscles there so that the internal incision went higher up than was visible at skin level. I was examined before leaving hospital due to my complaints of pain, and told I did not have a hernia.

The troublesome area has never stopped being tender, swollen and firm, and I have asked again in follow-up whether it might be a hernia. I had a CT in October 2018 for suspected bowel obstruction and again there was no hernia.

Now I am periodically (every few weeks) experiencing sudden severe pain, like a crippling muscle spasm, in the same location if I laugh or cough too hard. It does eventually go away of its own accord after a few minutes but I am completely incapacitated by it in the meantime, feeling as though my insides are going to burst out if I don’t press hard on my abdomen. It happened last night, at the theatre, triggered by laughing.

Unfortunately I’m not due to see my surgeon for my next follow-up any time soon - I have dropped out of the appointments system due to a computer error and am at the back of the queue. Does this sound like I should be raising the question “is this a hernia” yet again? It feels ridiculous when it has specifically been ruled out by a radiologist and by my surgeon. Dr Google doesn’t recognise muscle spasm as being hernia-related.

Sorry for the essay - any thoughts welcome.

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LilyMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 26-May-19 10:22:57

We're just giving this a bump for you, OP. We would always recommend seeking real-life support with issues such as this, so would recommend a visit to your GP. flowers

LarkDescending Thu 30-May-19 11:46:20

Thank you LilyMumsnet. I know that’s the answer really!

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