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Squishy swelling in groin

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disappointed101 Sat 25-May-19 12:53:13

I just took a break from driving, went to the toilet and my left groin area had a squishy swelling. I pressed it and it went away. This is the second time this has happened. The area is achy but I'm not in pain. The rest of the time the area is only slightly swollen. I'm going to make an appointment with the gp but I'm on holiday till next weekend. Anyone had similar? I'm wondering whether it is a hernia.

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Prokupatuscrakedatus Sat 25-May-19 14:30:36

Sounds like one, sorry.

mrsed1987 Sat 25-May-19 15:19:09

Sounds like a hernia to me too. My lb has one and its exactly how you have described

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