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Staph infection?

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scratchyfluffface Sat 25-May-19 07:11:39

About 4 years ago my partner had a whitehead on his forehead, which grew into a big scabby patch (it looked like he had been shot in the forehead!) it looked awful and then went.

Since then it's happened about twice a year, his forehead starts to 'bubble' and then little eruptions of puss happen if he presses his face (which he doesn't do as it hurts), then it all starts to scab over.

I'm worried that he might have an underlying staph infection, and each time it happens it seems to have spread further over his forehead.

I think he probably needs antibiotics but he can never get a doctors appointment in time for them to look at it (it lasts a week/10 days but it's about 3 weeks for a non urgent appointment here)

Has anyone had anything similar?

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