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I am worried about my fathers health?

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Riley1882 Fri 24-May-19 20:37:05

I am unsure if i should have posted this here ( I am sorry if it should not be here)
I will list the following behaviour.
He records his dvds on to blank dvds he also sleeps on the sofa tells constant lies.
He steals money from my mother he even comes around my flat and i hide things as he may steal from me.
He steals so he can get dvds as he is addicted to recording.
He flushes food and tea bags down the toilet he keeps pausing mums washing machine and tries to mine when he comes round.
He puts his hands in peoples tea instead of using a spoon to take the tea bags out he sleeps on the sofa (my mother told me)
He constantly one ups he rarely goes out only around mine and his brothers.
Like a alcoholic is addicted he is to recording when i was young he would record vhs and betamax.
I am worried about my mother with him being that way (He is not abusive though).
When he pauses the washing machine he opens the draw and puts water in.

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Rosielee93 Fri 24-May-19 21:55:03

How old is he? Dementia maybe? Or he could be depressed. Sorry you're going through this.

SnuggyBuggy Sat 25-May-19 10:05:05

If he's always beenike this it's harder to change. I imagine all you can do is support your DM

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