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Fretting that Im going to end up with underactive thyroid

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OuchyMe Wed 22-May-19 19:34:58

It seems to run in the family. My mum was diagnosed age 63, my sister age 49, and my niece age 20. I have been keeping an eye on things for a while so have blood tests every few years (plus Im prone to low iron and vit d so like to get checked.) So Ive just had the latest test results and yep, Im low iron, but also noticed that my TSH was 3.9 with a normal range cut off of 4.2. So its normal. But I've checked the past tests and in the last 6 years it has been steadily going up and if it continued on it's current trajectory I would be over the normal range limit early next year. I really dont know whether Im simply over thinking this given the result was normal!! Anyone able to advise?

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