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Ok so apparently I might have scabies!

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FeelingYuck Wed 22-May-19 16:59:30

Name changed as I am a bit mortified. I've had a really itchy rash for a few days and nothing I do is helping. Just been to see the GP and they think it could be scabies! Either that or an allergic reaction. For this week I've just got some strong antihistamines, but if that doesn't help then it's anti-scabies treatment for me. I didn't know people still got things like that. I feel really dirty and yuck! Has anyone else ever had this?

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MargotLovedTom1 Wed 22-May-19 17:01:04

Have you got actual bites? Where are they/the rash?

FeelingYuck Wed 22-May-19 17:02:45

They're not "bites" like an insect bite. They are all over my arms, legs, hands and feet but weirdly nowhere else at all... Hoping it is just a random and unexplained allergic reaction, but worried that it isn't sad

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