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Reoccurring UTI. Sample never shows infection

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Comps83 Wed 22-May-19 07:57:58

I’ve had some horrendous UTIs in the past but luckily the whole 5.5yrs I’ve been with DH I’ve managed to avoid them
Until now . I’m 9 weeks pg and I’ve had 2 since conception . Problem is whenever I do a urine test the doctor always says they couldn’t find anything, even when it’s so bad that there’s blood in the sample!
Doctor told me it’s dangerous for the baby so I got the last one treated straight away and I’m seeing the midwife for booking in apt this morning so will put another sample in . But if they keep coming back clear then I don’t know if they will keeping giving me anti biotics, but it’s too risky to not get it treated and I KNOW I’ve got a UTI
Anyone else had this problem?

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Fuzzyend Wed 22-May-19 08:03:18

Google James Malone Lee - he is a prof who has done a lot of work on how rubbish tests for UTI are and that some people have long term issues that need to be properly treated. I think there was an article in the guardian about him a year or so ago.

Hope you feel better soon.

PenguinsRabbits Wed 22-May-19 09:52:20

Yes have had this before but interestingly had private insurance as well as NHS and one day private did test same day as NHS. NHS was clear, private picked up a nasty but rarer uti.

Comps83 Wed 22-May-19 10:54:23

That is interesting. Might have to look into that

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Comps83 Wed 22-May-19 11:27:44

It probably doesn’t help that they always just give me 3 day courses

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PenguinsRabbits Wed 22-May-19 11:46:02

Mine just to clear on day 2 of the 3 day antibiotics but some utis need different antibiotics I think - the private doctor gave me a 7 day course ( actually gave me 14 days so had spare) of a different one. Felt like hugging him grin

Are NHS sending tests away to hospital?- sometimes they just do dipstick and it doesn't pick up as much. I think that maybe partly why I was getting some negatives.

Might be worth you asking to be referred to a hospital specialist if this is happening a lot.

Comps83 Wed 22-May-19 12:00:34

I think they are sending them away
I’ve just been told they won’t give me anything as last time there was no infection and to ring back If it gets really bad
Wanted to sort it today as if my day off so no doubt this will result in time off work

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Comps83 Wed 22-May-19 12:10:25

I do also wonder if the sample is too diluted?
I’m hammering the water all day to get rid of it and usually put samples in the afternoon so think I should probably be putting them in the morning

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PenguinsRabbits Wed 22-May-19 13:56:10

There is a condition which causes similar symptoms but isn't curable by antibiotics, its the IC one here:

If antibiotics don't help it could be that instead. If they do help you can also get them from online pharmacists by answering a doctors questionnaire. Lloyds is one but there are quite a few, check they are a proper one though. They often will refuse if you have regular utis though but saves taking time off work. Some send by post, some send prescription electronically to chemist.

Foxmuffin Wed 22-May-19 14:08:35

Yup! Being negative doesn’t mean there isn’t an infection, just that there isn’t an infection over a certain level. So they’ll be a cut off for bacteria they can detect. The GP can ask for the test to be done more sensitively. I used to “feel” an infection before it was detectable. They’d always give me the standard antibiotics that I knew I had built a resistance to, then by the next visit when I still had symptoms it would show in a culture too.

Comps83 Wed 22-May-19 14:33:31

I always thought cystitis and uti where the same thing tbh
Seems the difference is blood in your pee in a uti and if mine aren’t treated quick enough I always end up peeing loads of blood.
I’m just gonna see how it’s goes
Spoke to a different doctors this time who totally dismissed what the last doctor said about it being dangerous in pregnant

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OrganisedKitchenDraws Sun 26-May-19 23:29:56

This used to be me! After years of this, I was finally diagnosed with IC.
Look it up, I think you will relate to it.

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