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Unbearable Armpit Pain

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VLCos Tue 21-May-19 22:15:16


I have had previous pain in my armpit like a dull ache and have had two Mammograms in the last 3 years as I found lumps each time I had the pain . Last Mammogram was Sept
This week the pain is back right now it's almost unbearable I am close to tears.
Much worse than before
I have also had a little pain in the shoulder blade and some throbbing in the nipple.

I cant feel anything . Today I have been lifting lots
I currently am trying to ease it with a warm compress.

Should I go back to doctors ? I am overweight so probably cant feel lymph nodes

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Moltenpink Tue 21-May-19 22:20:13

Yes go to the doctors, but have you checked your bra fits properly? I get this from time to time and a day without a bra normally helps.

VLCos Tue 21-May-19 22:23:49

Since I had this last time and a bad bout of inflamed ribs I only wear those thin material bras as I cant seem to feel comfortable in other types of bras

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WhipMaWhopMaGate Tue 21-May-19 22:32:30

I take it your mammogram cleared you of anything sinister?

Your pain does sound to be linked to the lifting - especially if it isn't something you do much of as the muscles won't be used to it. Had you been lifting anything the last time?

I often find fibrous lumps around my body, but I have fibromyalgia and they are connected to that. If I do too much work - eg cleaning the bath, hoovering etc, I develop similar pain to what you describe. I deal with it by resting and applying deep freeze gel to the skin on the affected area, which is a numbing style painkiller.

After saying all this, I am not a doctor or any other kind of health care professional, I can only tell you what affects me, so if you have any concerns then yes, go back and see your gp.

VLCos Tue 21-May-19 22:38:11

Yes nothing sinister in the Mammogram . Although pain in this area always gets me worried of course .

I dont do much lifting. I did do zumba last week , had been working in a pre school with little ones so much more using muscles I dont normally use

No painkillers seem to touch it. I'll try the deep freeze gel thank you .

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VLCos Wed 22-May-19 10:36:35

I've been to doctors she cant feel anything bit thinks there may be an infection so given me some antibiotics if it doesn't go then I have to return

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WhipMaWhopMaGate Wed 22-May-19 11:24:21

Sounds like you're being looked after very well.So take care of yourself and rest that arm.

One thing I do which helps to prevent this happening - and I get it in most parts of me - is to do gentle stretching exercises. I found some online, and started with just 1-2 repetitions per day, then built up from there.
Maybe one you're fully recovered it might be something you could look at?

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