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Physio for my back - what to expect?

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AleenaM Tue 21-May-19 19:30:58

Been referred to physio for my back pain which came after birth due to bad posture in breastfeeding. I have now been taking maximum doses of paracetamol and ibuprofen daily for 4 weeks and it barely cuts it. I have trouble standing up straight. It hurts even when I lie down so I actually don't get any relief ever. I have trouble picking up and carrying my newborn who is 8 weeks. I have stopped feeding at the breast and only Express and give him bottles, again, I can barely hold him in my arms to feed him.

What to expect/ ask / request at my appointment ? I thought it's only exercise but a Google search there are steroid injections? Different pain killers? Would they xray me ? I am desperate to make the most of my appointment. The fact that I cannot care for and cuddle my baby is making him very agitated which is aggravating my mood and will very quickly lead to depression as I already have some signs of it. Help and suggestions appreciated!

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