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Pain on the roof of mouth after oral surgery.

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Vintersjel Tue 21-May-19 04:49:59

Hello i had oral surgery on May 2nd 2019 and had 15 teeth removed and a alveoloplasty done to prepare for full dentures. Here it is almost 3 weeks later and the roof of my isnt really swollen. It's just painful and sensitive on some places on the roof of mouth. I havent recieved my full dentures. The surgeon wanted to wait six weeks for a full healing before i am able to recieve my full dentures. If this roof of mouth pain and sensitivity normal this far into the healing process?

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allypally999 Tue 21-May-19 08:39:46

Oh my that sounds nasty! I had tongue surgery (twice) and it took 6 weeks to heal both times - on the bonus side I lost lots of weight lol (hard to eat and talk). Sounds normal to me. Good luck!

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