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What the hell is my period doing?

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plotmissinginaction Mon 20-May-19 06:00:26

6 days early I had some spotting. Then a couple of days later it started and I had light bleeding for three days. Then it stopped and now I feel premenstral,cramps,sore boobs. I took a pregnancy test on the day my period was due just in case but it was negative. I did have sex near ovulation but we used a condom also I’m 42 so not exactly in my fertile years. Surely it’s not that? Im quite stressed but that’s normal for me also.

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plotmissinginaction Mon 20-May-19 07:33:19

Ah I appear to have started again after two days off.

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NoYo Mon 20-May-19 07:38:41

Start of perimenopause perhaps?
Any other symptoms?

plotmissinginaction Mon 20-May-19 08:35:21

dizzy spells - could be that yes! Just all a bit bizarre. Like my body is totally confused.

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LoafofSellotape Mon 20-May-19 08:37:08

Yep,that describes peri ime.

plotmissinginaction Mon 20-May-19 10:08:31

God, that's a thought then.

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Aquamarine1029 Mon 20-May-19 17:11:34

Definitely peri-menopause.

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