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Am I iron deficient

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Tryingtoocope Sun 19-May-19 19:52:16

I was in hospital last year with a bad chest infection I was discharged after 5 days once they also found a clot on my lung.

I am on Apixaban for the rest of my life. Started to feel unwell so after some tests I was put on strong compound vitamin B tablets and folic acid, then had excruciating migraines, again more tablets prescribed.

They have recently taken me off the folic acid but my hair has become thin and is breaking off and I am easily confused and disoriented. My nails won't grow and I am constantly cold. If I sit too long I suffer pins and needles in my arms and legs.

Could this be an iron deficiency? Or should I just push for a general mot? I just don't feel right.

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RedSheep73 Sun 19-May-19 19:56:48

I don't know but it sounds like you need to discuss it with your doctor, something isn't right.

Rosielee93 Sun 19-May-19 19:59:31

I could have literally written this myself. On apixaban due to blood clots, get pins and needles really easily, possible iron deficiency. Ive had all the blood tests tho but nothing has come back.

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