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NGC2017 Sun 19-May-19 16:47:51


My 4 year has developed the chickenpox rash since last Wednesday. He still has a mix of scabs and blisters, albeit only a few blisters in his genital area and backs of legs.

When will he be able to go back to school? Do all spots have to have disappeared?


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endofthelinefinally Sun 19-May-19 16:49:50

The NHS website explains it very clearly, but briefly, all the blisters must have dried up and scabbed over.

KatnissMellark Sun 19-May-19 16:51:28

Apparently head and shoulders in the bath is very effective at drying them up.

NGC2017 Sun 19-May-19 16:54:19


These few just don't seem to be drying up. He has alot of visible scabs but these just aren't doing anything. They are big as well. I need to do something as I'm having to take unpaid leave which I really can't afford to do.

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endofthelinefinally Sun 19-May-19 18:49:32

They come out in crops, so maybe the ones you mention are not ready to scab yet.

NGC2017 Sun 19-May-19 19:14:03

Well he definitely isn't going back tomorrow. Hs scalp is covered in the biggest yellow blisters. As he hasnt really been itching I've stupidly forgot about his hair.

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