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lyssie29 Sun 19-May-19 14:29:24

Lately I've been getting a pain in my finger for little to no reason. Even if I just say tap it on the table for example I get a shooting stabbing sort of pain right in the bones. I hit it a little bit harder on the wall by accident and it also started tingling and hurt everytime I moved it. Today I've also noticed my hand is aching alot more. I haven't banged it on anything to make it hurt like this. Do you think it could be a bit of arthritis? I don't feel like it's painful enough to go to doctors but just curious as to what it could be.

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GraceMarks Sun 19-May-19 17:16:12

I have pains like that in my foot, and was told by a podiatrist that it was arthritis. But you'd need to have it checked out properly, and I'm sure there are other things it could be. Gout is a possibility, or tenosynovitis. Is it your dominant hand, and do you have a job or hobby which involves repetitive movements? Is there any blanching of the skin?

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