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Pud2 Sat 18-May-19 20:51:30

Where exactly do you get the pain? I have a very tender patch below my hipbone, in the fleshy part of my thigh. I was scanned when it started about three years ago and it showed no bursitis but the tenderness and aching remains. Not sure what it is.

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MountainDweller Sun 19-May-19 00:15:34

I have bursitis in what sounds like a similar place - I would say it's where my leg joins my buttock. It did show on the MRI though. I feel it sometimes if I stretch the area too far but mostly I feel it when I sit. It's really painful after 10 mins. Mine was after an accident and I also have some tears in the tendons in the same area that haven't healed properly. I have a spot on the side of my hip too. So I can't say whether it's the bursitis or the tendinitis that's causing it, or both. But sending thanks as it's really horrible.

Did you have an accident or did it just start randomly? Did you have it diagnosed by another method or are you trying to work out what the pain is?

Witchend Sun 19-May-19 00:21:45

Dh had it on his elbow I think. At least that's what I diagnosed on him grin
It was really painful (and looked it) for a short period, then cleared up.

I had suspected bursitis on my hip at one point. I rested it and took ibroprofen at the GP's suggestion and it's mostly better. There was no visible sign, but it hurt, especially after doing sport.

Pud2 Sun 19-May-19 09:13:21

Thanks. I’ve had it for a long time with no apparent cause. It’s not overly painful, ie, no need for pain killers, just a dull ache and tender if I press it. Just curious what it is really! Sounds like it might be bursitis from what you’ve said Mountaindweller. Not sure why nothing showed on the MRI though.

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KOBr Sun 19-May-19 09:24:41

I have it in my shoulder. Watched some exercises on YouTube specifically for this - very gentle and have helped a lot!

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