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worried about pale poos - sorry if TMI and looong ....

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barbapapa Thu 19-Jul-07 18:19:40

My 3.5 dd has been having pale poos for the past two weeks. At first they were just in the morning and any subsequent ones were normal (can't believe I am writing about this ..)
Then she had diarhorrea (sp?) twice at weekend - normal colour. Since then back to the pale ones . They are not particularly smelly - just pale!
Other then that she has been fine - a bit whingy perhaps (which often coincides with a bug ) but plenty of energy , able to run a race at dd1's sportsday, even on the day of the diarhorrea she had plenty of energy running aroung garden. Since weekend has eaten less than normal but she often goes through spates of this. I wondered if she was eating too much diary as had heard this can give pale poos - may be a reason as she is still drinking milk 2-3 times a day and eating yogs and cheese whilst picking at everything else.
Have made appt with GP but is not till next Thursday. Any non serious reasons for pale poo that don't involve scary liver problems (have looked at Google....)would be greatly appreciated
She also developed some spots on her cheeks which look for all the world like red teenage spots - this may be unrelated I guess.But could be viral ?

sleepycat Thu 19-Jul-07 18:29:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsBadger Thu 19-Jul-07 18:34:43

Pale poo often happens before / after a tummy upset - usually means the gut is a bit irritaed and isn't digesting fat very well so the poos are fattier and paler.

If she's ok in herself and has no other symptoms (further diarrhoea, vomiting, tummy pain, temperature) I'd leave it, and maybe see if you can tempt her to something easier to digest than dairy for a while.

(Don't think the spots are related at all, btw.)

barbapapa Thu 19-Jul-07 18:50:29

Thanks Mrs B will try the bland non dairy approach.
As regards docs appts there is one lovely doc that dd loves and some others not so lovely (one of whom made her cry ) - so as this is not an urgent problem in the sense of requiring an appt on the day ( as I said dd seems ok) would rather wait till Thursday to be seen.

Pennies Wed 03-Oct-07 20:33:01

barbapapa - sorry to resurrect this thread but the symptoms you've descrobed in this thread match those of my dd (same age) exactly, inc the spots.

How is your dd now? What did your GP say?

My DD has to go for a blood test to check her iron levels and her liver function. She seems well though - eating well, playing well, normal wee, etc etc. Have goggled though and got myself scared.

barbapapa Thu 04-Oct-07 14:10:54

Pennies - in typical fashion the problem had rectified itself by the time we had a docs appt grin. She (doc) put it down to dd having the edge of a tummy bug - turned out several kids in the village we live in had had the same thing (as well as at her nursery) , with pale poos. It was a bit weird as dd did not have the typical tummy bug symptoms. The spots also went so I think it was all part of a virus.
Hope your dd is ok - does sound very similar. Although I was very worked up about liver problems etc in hindsight I do feel that she would have been a lot iller if it were that serious.
We have had another very mild tummy bug since then and low and behold the pale poos reappeared for a while...

Pennies Thu 04-Oct-07 14:29:31

Thanks for replying so soon. We did the blood test today - not much fun for all concerned - so let's hope that it's the same as your dds thing. Glad to hear it sorted itself out your end!

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