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Lymph node in groin

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kissmelittleass Fri 17-May-19 22:38:39

Noticed a tiny bead like bobble(a lymph node I presume) on right side of groin about six weeks ago. Thought it might be from shaving and it would go down soon. Well I felt for it today and it's still there, can't feel anything on the other side. Feeling a little bit anxious but trying not to worry too much, should I check with doctor next week or wait a bit longer see if it goes down? Anyone else had this?

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jinglebellmel Sun 19-May-19 11:55:10

Hi op. I’ve had a couple in my groin and some in my neck and jaw that have been up for months now (none the wiser to be honest as my gp didn’t seem particularly concerned, but it is worrying). I’d pop to the gp and hopefully they can put your mind at rest. Is it very small? I think anything under 1.5 cm is considered normal in the groin so you may find it’s just normal for you to be able to feel it and you’ve not noticed it before?

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