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Remedies passed down through the generations

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mazzamac Wed 15-May-19 21:34:02

Hello lovely mumsnetters

I’d love to hear about the remedies that your mum/grannny/auntie/wise women passed on to you and those that you have passed on yourself. They may make no sense to you or there may be no evidence to support them, or equally you may swear blind by them...but I’d love to hear them.

So, for example my lovely late mum would tell me to add vinegar to a bath of tepid water if one of my kids had a temperature. A few years later, a Polish friend said the same thing...and I have just found out that in Austria, vinegar soaked socks are a remedy for a fever..

Another one was from my grandmother - eating liver “purifies the blood”

What was passed on to you..and do you use those remedies?

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