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Thyroid/Blood Results

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Tracker2 Wed 15-May-19 18:14:04


I'd really appreciate some help and if someone could look at my Thyroid and blood test results. I'm trying to conceive and therefore am anxious to get things right!

TSH: 2.65 (Ref 0.27-4.2)
Free T4: 20.62 (Ref 12-22)
Free T3: 4.53 (Ref 3.1-6.8)
TPO : 30.1 Negative (Ref <34 IU/ml Negative)
Folate: 19.98 (Ref 3.89 -26.8)
B12: 155 (Ref 37.5- 188)
Ferritin: 67.8 (Ref 13-150)

What do you all think?

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jinglebellmel Wed 15-May-19 19:17:46

Hi op, I’m not an expert but I was diagnosed hypothyroid after a couple of pregnancies. I think ideally your tsh should be under 2 during pregnancy. Are you currently on medication for your thyroid?

jinglebellmel Wed 15-May-19 19:19:34

Sorry, that should have said a couple of miscarriages. They were possibly caused by the thyroid issue, so my levels were watched pretty closely through my next pregnancy.

Tracker2 Wed 15-May-19 21:11:44

Thanks, for the reply,

I'm not on medication at the moment. I've paid for the above bloods privately and am seeking advice before I visit my GP.

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jinglebellmel Thu 16-May-19 13:59:16

Okay, well ideally I think your TSH would be 2.5 or under for pregnancy, but your result will be within the normal range (which I think is up to about 5) so you may have difficulty getting your GP to do much about it. You are only very slightly over the 2.5 and your other levels seem okay, so I wouldn't imagine its too likely to affect pregnancy or conception. Are you having symptoms that made you go for the tests or was it just a general health check type thing?

NICe guidelines are here which may help you -!scenario:3

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