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Applejack87 Tue 14-May-19 20:03:29

Thankyou Puppymouse I’m feeling so rough at the moment I’ve read that resting the voice helps and steam inhalation
I’m praying that it starts to get better soon the sore throat is awful

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puppymouse Tue 14-May-19 19:40:03

I got a virus a few weeks ago and it just wouldn't shift. It kept mutating into different symptoms and I was generally just very run down. Didn't stop or take any time off and then Saturday before last my voice started going. And it didn't come back until a week later. Went to GP and they said it was laryngitis but nothing they could do - viral blah blah. They said try over the counter stuff if it helps. I hate throat sweets so I literally just carried on and voice did come back. But ideally I'd have had plenty of rest, fluids and tried a bit of OTC stuff. We swear by Covonia in this house for coughs etc so that might have helped.

Get well soon smile

Applejack87 Tue 14-May-19 19:21:34

Hi, looking for advice please , a few days ago I had a very slight sore throat which got worse to the point my voice went hoarse now it’s almost gone , I also had pain in my ear when swallowing .. I went to the Gp he said it’s laryingitis , after looking in my ear he said it was inflamed , I know that nature will take its course with this horrible viral infection but I’m struggling to rest my voice
Has anyone had this ? How long before you felt better and your voice returned ?Im in a lot of pain with swallowing but don’t want to keep taking pain killers any advice please

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