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Acute angled glaucoma

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Chipstick10 Mon 13-May-19 22:21:38

Hope someone can give me some advice
Been going to the same optician for 11 years but decided to go somewhere else. After the eye test optician gave me letter to give to GP. I did, Gp said appointment would be made for me in about two months time at a glaucoma clinic. A wk later I got a call saying to go the next day. Had loads of tests and finally saw a registrar who said I had narrowing in the eyes and advised me to have laser treatment. An appoint made for four days later. I went snd the doctor refused to do it saying it wasn’t necessary at this point in time and seemed a bit perplexed as to why I was sent but said he would see me for a follow up in a couple of months. I went today and was told to have it done by a different consultant although there had been no changes since last time.. An appointment will be made for me. Meanwhile I rang my regular optician who I have been going to for 11 years. He said he would never have referred me that nothing had changed in my eyes apart from eye sight, in ten years. My pressure is 16 14 and today 16 again. My regular optician is perplexed and so am I . Would you have it done ?

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