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Glasses for a 4 year old

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ballbaby Wed 18-Jul-07 22:47:37

I've been told today that my 4yo son needs glasses. Does anyone have any advice what to look for when buying - ones that he will keep on and won't break so easily? Are there any brands/shops that you would recommend? I don't want to spend too much as he's growing fast and I expect we'll be replacing them quite often.

legacy Wed 18-Jul-07 22:53:35

Check bendiness of frames - some are more forgiving than others
He may need ones that curl behind the ear to keep them on until he's a bit older - make sure they're not too tight, we think DS's have made his ears stick out!

Will he be wearing them all the time? If not, make sure he knows where to put them when he takes them off - e.g. on teachers desk/ in his shoe when changing for PE.

If he is anything like my DS he will lose or break them before he outgrows them

FromGirders Wed 18-Jul-07 22:53:40

DS started wearing glasses at 3.9. We went to a small independent optician, mainly because they are the closest to our house. They spent a long time making sure they fitted correctly, as the optician at the hospital had said to make sure the glasses had support at the temples because the lenses are very different in weight. That bit aside, it helps if they've got extended bits which go round behind their ears to stop the glasses falling off.
All kids are different, but we found it best to ask him to wear his glasses for a few hours at a time, and then have a break. ds decided when he needed a break, and we would have a wee chat about how long a break he was having, when on th eclock he'd put them back on. It took him about 2 - 3 weeks to get used to them, and by that time he was wearing them pretty much all day.

ballbaby Wed 18-Jul-07 23:01:35

Thanks for this advice - will bear it in mind when i go on Friday to get them, and when he starts to wear them.

Panth Wed 18-Jul-07 23:46:06

My DS2, just turned 2, has been wearing glasses for a couple of months now. We were completely in the dark when it came to choosing which ones as neither dh or I wear glasses so we didn't really know what points to look at! When we actually got in the opticians too, we found it very difficult to tell which ones suited his face as it was such a shock seeing him in them in the first place.

We first went to a smaller opticians and the lady there was very helpful but was insisting that because of his age, he had to have the hooked behind the ears ones. These would cost £20 on top of the free prescription which was fine, but if and when he broke them, we would have this fee to pay every time - so just watch out for that! If you just choose the standard NHS ones (which are nice, not jam jar bottoms like they used to be!) they're free and fixed for free too.

We then went to Specsavers who were excellent. They had a large selection and lots of helpful staff. We were lucky in that we got a prescription for 2 pairs so we chose two different styles, each in a different colour, so that in time, we could decide which we preferred. We didn't get the behind the ear hooks (they said we could get them at a later date if he struggled with them) and it hasn't been a problem. He still rolls around on the floor with DS1 with no harm to the glasses (well not every time anyway!). We find Specsavers really good at fixing them too, we just drop them in and pop back for them. They will get broken or bent regularly, no matter how hard you try so be prepared for regular trips to the opticians. Specsavers have a website if you want an idea of what styles to expect beforehand.

We made a big deal about them being special and he quickly grew proud of wearing them and he rarely takes them off but when he does we just don't make a fuss and leave them off a while. I think he's noticed the difference in his sight too. After his bath, he now says "glasses" as he wants them back on for story time!

MadEyeMisdee Wed 18-Jul-07 23:53:18

dd3 has been wearing glasses since she was 18months old. she has zeiss glasses with the hooks behind her ears. we were not charged any extra for these as they are designed with the hooks. we go to a small independant optician for her glasses, and they sorted out her getting 2 pairs instead of one, as generally we have one pair in for repairs at least once a month. i've got to go there tomorrow to get a new set of glasses as perscription has changed, and het her spare pair bent back into shape whilst we wait for the new ones.

MrsScavo Wed 18-Jul-07 23:54:01

Vision Expess have been brilliant to us.

DS started wearing glasses when he was 4. He wasn't atall keen at first. Be prepared for a lot a repairs, and lost glasses. It might be best to go for a 'free' pair if you can find ones you like.

Avoid Memoflex as the frames can't be bent to fit the child properly.

It is strange when your DC starts to wear glasses. They look so differnent.

Good Luck

mankyscotslass Thu 19-Jul-07 07:37:24

DS has worn glasses since he was 3 1/2. We get them from D & A, they have been good with us. As he attends our nearest eye clinic we just take the prescription along. They have a decent range there, we got the flexible one this time, paid a bit extra towards them. In 2 years of wearing them he hasnt broken them (although one pair was a bit misshaped!!). He did however lose a pair recently, they replaced them free of charge. And of course the day we got them we found the lost pair!!

ballbaby Fri 20-Jul-07 17:30:07

After all my good intentions to follow all your advice, we ended up getting the first pair we saw because ds2 had a big tantrum in the shop and we wanted to get out asap! The pair we got fit ds1 well and were free so if they break quickly we can spend a bit more time choosing a new pair. Now the real challenge starts - getting hime to wear them

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