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Help! I'm nearly 40 and I've got skin like a teenager!

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MrsMuddle Wed 18-Jul-07 22:34:39

And I don't mean that in a good way. I usually get one huge spot just before my period, but I'm getting more and more. They're like boils under the skin that don't ever really come to a head, and the texture of my skin has changed too - my forehead has lots of little lumps - like under-skin goosepimples. I take my make up off every night, but that's about the extent of my "routine". So I need to know 2 things -
A) How do I get rid of the spots I currently have and B)What products should I use in the future to keep them at bay? I can't stretch to creme de la mer, but I'm willing to splash out to get adult skin again! Thank you.

TippiHedren Wed 18-Jul-07 22:35:43

Watching with interest, have had the same problem recently..........

Beauregard Wed 18-Jul-07 22:36:17

and me

CrookshanksinJimmyChoos Wed 18-Jul-07 22:38:34

Do you moisturise at all? Skin that isn't moisturise, will produce extra oil to compensate and can cause spots. Also, what make up wipes are you using?

Furball Wed 18-Jul-07 22:40:38

i will highly recommend dermalogica, get yourself a prescriptive facial and see what they say is best. Their products are pricey average £30 but do come in big tubes and last 6months to a year. I get people to buy them for christmas/birthdays etc

GodzillasBumcheek Wed 18-Jul-07 22:41:23

Hmmm...with Polycystic Ovararian Syndrome my skin is always awful. I have to use Witch Wipes and a moisturizer specifically for oily skin. One that says it reduces shine and isn't too creamy. Avoiding products with alcohol in helps too. Also try to avoid touching your face too much, and always clean off suncream asap.

FrayedKnot Wed 18-Jul-07 22:44:11

I'm 37 and had FIVE spots on my chin earlier this month, not even pre-AF, could have been due to my current Pringles addiction though.

I can second having a facial and using some good products religiously for a few weeks, to see if it improves.

MrsMuddle Wed 18-Jul-07 22:57:16

Yes, I do moisturise, with a Body Shop oil-free seeweedy thing. I use it with cotton wool. And I use the Boots miracle serum (it's not working for me!) and occassionally I use Champneys toner. I think that could be part of the problem - I have a bathroom full of stuff and I chop and change. And as I read your message, Godzilla, I realised I was touching my face. Thanks for that recommendation Furball. I'll book it tomorrow and get it done next week. I am desperate.

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