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running nose for little malaika

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shiks Wed 18-Jul-07 15:56:18

My daughter has such a runny nose and is diarrhoeing...she is 9 months old.Does anyone has any remedies...poor thing,her nose is so really down.....av given her calpol....

Desiderata Wed 18-Jul-07 15:57:53

Plenty of fluids ... and of course, the calpol.

This is very common, shiks ... it's just not very nice to go through.

I hope she feels better soon.

shiks Wed 18-Jul-07 16:01:54

Thanks, it is not just very nice. wish i could take her place.

Desiderata Wed 18-Jul-07 16:06:14

Give it a few days, and you probably will be!

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