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Test results - should I be worried?

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Sizeofalentil Fri 10-May-19 13:43:46

I've been having moderate-bad stomach and lower back pains for over a month. Other symptoms include nausea, dizzy spells, weight loss and then gain, tenderness, bloating and headaches.

I saw a nurse and was given blood and urine tests two days ago, and given antibiotics for a UTI.

(not to dripfeed - nurse was very dismissive as I was describing problem. Kept trying to get me to say that it was after eating food, and adding symptoms that I hadn't said to support this. Rolled her eyes a lot when I spoke. Seemed a bit annoyed that I had pain when she examined me, as she hadn't expected anything. Wasn't asked anything about menstrual cycle, family history, anything much)

Phoned today to get my test results. Only one blood test is back (no urine results, so assuming they tested for a UTI then and there?) and I was asked to make a routine doctor's appointment to discuss. They said that earliest they could offer me was June 3.

Obviously, you are not doctors or psychics, but would you say that in general this means that (at least one) test came back as normal or an issue flagged? I'm going to phone back Monday for the rest of my results, so didn't want to push this issue until they had returned.

(I don't really go to the doctor, so am unsure what to expect in terms of normal)

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NGC2017 Fri 10-May-19 14:11:03


I had a similar sort of callback, but was able to wait. If it was urgent they get you back straight away.

I waited over a month for my follow up to discuss raised folate levels which in the end she wasn't concerned about. I did get a referall for further investigation though due to bowel changes and chronic fatigue.

Whereas my DS last year had a blood test the one day and was called back less than 24 hours later as his lymphocytes were far too high.

When I got my callback the other month I went into a panic and was reassured its something that does need to be discussed but isnt a matter of urgency.

I hope that has made you feel abit better

hatemyhairhun Fri 10-May-19 14:38:31

I assume it means that there’s nothing urgent to address. Practices leave appointment slots open for urgent follow up test results, you were offered one in about a month’s time so it’s something that you’ll be okay to wait for.

However if it’s making you feel anxious, call your practice and ask if you can discuss your results with a doctor over the phone.

hatemyhairhun Fri 10-May-19 14:40:04

I would guess that something may have come up on the test results, because if it was all clear you wouldn’t be asked to come in to discuss at all. But again, don’t worry yourself too much.

IkickedtheBigC Fri 10-May-19 15:35:34

I was phoned by my drs after a routine blood test and they offered me an appointment in 3 weeks. I went and was told I was anaemic. They also asked me to do a faecle sample which showed positive for blood so I was fast tracked for further investigations which unfortunately showed that I had colon cancer.
I had surgery very soon after and am now in remission x x

swingofthings Fri 10-May-19 15:44:22

I had this a few times but each time it was for something minor. Twice results were borderline so just needed watching, once it was for a low vit D result. These could gave been dealt with over the phone rather then making an appointment.

YesQueen Fri 10-May-19 15:49:11

Mine with a similar wait was anaemia
Trust me, if it's worrying they let you know! My surgery rang me at 7pm and had me in the hospital an hour later

Sizeofalentil Mon 13-May-19 16:42:43

Thank you all for your responses. So the test that came back abnormal was the one for inflammation - c reactive protein.

The others are back but the doctor hasn't looked at them yet. Which is annoying.

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Sizeofalentil Thu 16-May-19 16:19:57

Bumping this to see if anyone has had c reactive protein tests come back as abnormal - or if anyone knows what it could be?

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BlackInk Fri 17-May-19 16:39:02

Raised CRP is a general indication of inflammation. It doesn't tell you where in the body that could be. It could be due to a virus or infection, could be bowels, joints or even heart. But it's common for it to be raised, and not necessarily anything to worry about.

Sizeofalentil Mon 03-Jun-19 10:33:58

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone on here for their replies.

Had appointment today, and they had wanted to talk to me about having raised cholesterol levels. As I don't smoke and barely drink (co-sleeping and breastfeeding, so can't get smashed on a weekend any more!), doctor said to go on a low-fat diet. I eat relatively well, so was slightly surprised. But went home and Googled it, and it's advised that you don't get your cholesterol levels checked while breastfeeding, as breastfeeding raises cholesterol blood levels (it goes in to the milk).

So, plan is to go vegan for a few weeks to curb my mini pork pie habit (too many summer picnics) and try to find time for a weekly exercise class. I walk everywhere as it is, and go to one parent/baby exercise class a week. So I'm not too worried that I am falling apart.

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lilWolfe Mon 03-Jun-19 23:25:41

Hi Sizeofalentil

I actually had these exact symptoms about 3 months ago, so thought I would share my outcomes.
Following the symptoms I went to the doctor and discovered that I have abnormally high cholestoral, only 28, so really shouldnt be high, however, I have a pretty healthy lifestyle and it is hereditary. They put me on a Statin as high cholestoral can lead to heart disease. I also had a lot of symptoms due to a low B12 level, im vegetarian so please be aware that going vegan will likely exxacerabte your symptoms. Please get advice from your doctor before changing your diet. However, a meatless diet is healthier for you in the long run, so it is worth considering anyway.

My stomach pains, bloating and back pain continued, and I was referred for an ultrasound where they have found a mass on my liver. Im getting a cancer scan soon but I just wanted to say that you can request an ultrasound if your symptoms don't improve.

Not wanting to worry you, its just my symptoms are exactly the same as yours so thought id post. GL with everything x

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