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Advice on dealing with pre-osteoporosis

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iwantavuvezela Fri 10-May-19 12:34:21

A recent bone scan showed that i am on the verge of osteopeoporosis - or bordeline - I should start to take a calcium and Vitamin D supplement - does anyone have a good one that they can recommend and what dosage?
I have been told to exercise (I am busy doing yoga 3x a week - but will need to also do some more strengthening exercise)

I would really value anyone's suggestions of what they have done - naturally - as i want to make sure that this does not progress, and it seems from my initial reading - that it can be halted.

Any advice much appreciated

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Thiswayorthatway Fri 10-May-19 16:04:47

In a similar position. Consultant recommended Calcichew D3 forte.

VisiblyOver25 Fri 10-May-19 16:20:06

I had a bone scan and have been asked to see the GP about the results. So am watching with interest.

OneHanded Sun 12-May-19 03:29:00

Speak with your gp as if you’re pre they should pop you on calcichew and vit d which means it’ll be worth getting a prepayment certificate if you've not already got one ☺️ It’s nothing to worry about although I appreciate it’s easier said than done! I went from borderline to osteoporotic over a couple years because I’m terrible at routine and taking medication so it can make a difference but equally I know others in the same situation who have reversed by doing it properly 🙈

iwantavuvezela Mon 13-May-19 10:31:23

Thanks Thiswayorthatway and onehanded will look into the calcichew D3 Forte - my GP is leaving me some information to read through - as my results were -2.5 (I think) which is on the cusp - i can take two other options - which is HRT (which i dont want to do as am now finished menopause) - or some other medication that you need to take for 5 years (but can cuase irritatin to your stomach) -
I think i want to focus on the extra vit D and calcium - up my strenght training, go easy on the wine - and see if i can do it that way.

visiblyover 25 when you get your results, come back to this thread, and we can always speak about what we are doing!

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OneHanded Mon 13-May-19 13:26:25

Understandable on your decision for HRT! Because I was 17 when diagnosed it’s never been an option despite being infertile anyway but don’t much fancy it anyway. Any new diagnosis can be a difficult thing to process, but I find it helps to remember that you had it anyway it’s just got a name now! Wish you all the best with treatment and happy to answer anything else flowers

wiggywog Tue 14-May-19 17:02:03

How old are you op
I'm 49 and went through early menopause (42) and I have osteopenia though not as bad as you

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