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Pain and Dizzy Ovarian Cyst?

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PenguinsRabbits Fri 10-May-19 08:52:15

Last night I woke with most incredible pain all below belly button, felt really ill so woke DH to try and get to bathroom. Very dizzy and feeling like losing consciousness and had to lie on floor. DH wanted to take me to hospital but said no to call 111. He called them but I wasn't well enough to speak with them much, kept going in and out of being alert and still not able to stand, they called ambulance.

Ambulance came and did blood pressure which was OK 115/80 and diabetes check. Pain had subsidised a bit then but still very out of it. They offered to take me to hospital but I have stayed here to see if it goes. Pain is coming back, feel a bit nauseous and woozy. They asked me if I have ovarian cyst - I had a CT scan about 2 years ago which showed a little one and they seemed to think it might be that.

Would ovarian cyst pain be one sided though? Thanks

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