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Recurrent UTIs but does anyone have this symptom?

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ciaobellabella Thu 09-May-19 21:32:35

I’ve had recurrent UTIs for the past 2 years - the only thing that has helped has been taking an anti biotic a night for over a year but I think GP is keen to stop that if possible so I don’t think it’s a long term solution (unless anyone has had this long term??)

Although at the moment the antibiotics are keeping me UTI free, I occasionally get a weird thing that I can only really describe as urethral pain. It will happen after I pee - not during, the peeing isn’t sore but a couple of minutes later I get this uncomfortable sensation, a slight soreness. I try and ignore it and it always goes away completely after about 15 minutes.

Sometimes after sex as well I will feel sore, almost like a UTI for a few hours afterwards and then it goes away. This probably sounds stupid but I’ve wondered if it’s actually my vagina but the fact pee affects it makes me think it must be urethral?

It tends to be worse when I know I haven’t drank very much, I’ve drank alcohol or I haven’t been peed for a while. So that makes me think is it possible I’ve got a sort of easily irritated urethra and any time my pee is a bit strong I get this feeling? Perhaps due to the many UTIs I have had?

Does anyone else get this?

I am seeing my GP again soon, I have been referred to a Urologist for further tests (I’ve already had a clear ultrasound the other month) and I have mentioned it but he didn’t seem that concerned by it unless it ends up turning into a full blown UTI.

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