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Ilovefluffysheep Thu 09-May-19 10:52:38

Recently had a blood test at my GP surgery. They did a whole range of tests as I have been flooding during my period for the last year or so, am constantly exhausted, have brain fog and terrible memory, sore breasts during period (never used to), wake up with sore back and hips (have changed the mattress so it isn't that).

To be honest, I thought I might be peri-menopausal, as the symptoms fit that (I'm 43). Can also fit lots of other things too.

Anyway, blood work was generally ok, tested ferritin, B12 etc. However, my TSH came up at 4.43 (it showed the range as being up to 4.2). Was told to go back for a repeat blood test in 3 months, which will be next month.

Did some reading around, and saw that my symptoms, including the excessive bleeding, can be symptoms of Hashimoto's. I also read on Mumsnet somewhere about a company called medichecks, who do blood test, so after some investigation and reading around the subject, decided to go for it, as I was aware that my TSH and T4 in isolation as done by the GP wouldn't show the full picture, and I wanted to know if I actually had a problem, or rule it out.

Results came back as follows, and I believe confirm that I have Hasimoto's, although obviously I am very new to this. I have booked a GP appointment for next week, but wondered if anyone on here could offer any advice on my results, what to expect (if anything?) from GP, questions I should be asking etc.

TSH 4.04 (range 0.2 - 4.4)
Free T3 4.7 (range 3.1 - 6.8)
Free thyroxine 16.3 (range 12 - 22)
Thyroglobulin antibodies 230 (range 0 - 115)
Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies 17.1 (range 0 - 34)

Just in case it's of interest, the other relevant levels from my GP blood tests were as follows:L

Serum ferritin level 58 (range 11 - 307)
Serum vitamin B12 level 335 (range 180 - 914)
Serum folate level 9.9 (range 3 - 20)

I do have a gynae referral as well in relation to the bleeding.

I just want to stop feeling so knackered all the time! I'm permanently exhausted, and during my period this becomes even worse. I have no idea whether the GP will do anything about the above results or not, but would appreciate any advice anyone can give?

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Prokupatuscrakedatus Thu 09-May-19 12:24:32

Hashimoto "sufferer" here - we've got a board for autoimmune deseases. You need your thyroid levels balanced (all of them) and your antibodies down. I take L-Tyhroxin and over the years needed vitamine D+K, Selene, and iron because these levels are connected to your thyroid levels. (I do not explain very well, because I need to translate, but others on here can do it in 'proper' English.)
And then you start feeling human again.

Ilovefluffysheep Thu 09-May-19 12:52:52

Thank you for the reply. I didn't realise there was an auto-immune board, so will take a look on there. Hopefully this post will still be seen on here and I might get a few more replies!

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