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Flat feet

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Cora34 Wed 08-May-19 14:28:48

My twin daughters Flora and Effy are six and have flat feet. I’m getting really worried because they tire easily with the pain caused, and I am concerned about appearance when they get older. Are there any effective treatments apart from surgery, which really would be a very last resort?

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Justheretosee Wed 08-May-19 14:35:50

I have flat feet I just wear insoles? Is this an option? I got them from a podiatrist following assessment. Appearance wise my feet look fairly normal?

StillMedusa Wed 08-May-19 17:51:30

They won't do surgery for flat feet (well there is a rare op for extreme cases but that's when orthotics and splints haven't worked and not for growing kids)

Ask for a referral to an orthotist ..nhs. They can cast their feet for custom made orthotics. Or a podiatrist (usually can do off the peg insoles)

Honestly lots of children and adults have flat feet.. decent orthotics stop the aching and tiredness. The appearance is probably something they will learn to live with tho, it's not exactly life threatening.

In my household three of my kids have worn orthotics (they have a genetic disorder and weak muscle tone and flatter than pancakes feet) and one wears full leg splints. I'm the only one that doesn't!

Honestly unless there are other serious issues no surgeon is going to do anything.

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