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Possible dvt?

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ragingchocoholic Wed 08-May-19 09:33:09

Hi all,

I've had this dull ache in my left calf that's come and gone over the last 7weeks but since yesterday it's gotten worse and spread to my upper thigh which is painful just to touch. I'm on the pill that does mention the increased risk of dvt when taking it and this is my 3rd month on it.

Went to the gp a week ago for something and mentioned the cramp like sensation in my calf and they've got me to have some blood tests in 2 weeks time for a fbc and any deficiencies.
Could it be a dvt though given that it's gotten worse and spread?

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hopefullyhelpfully Wed 08-May-19 09:48:20

I'd get it checked out at the hospital. You can go to urgent care, explain and they scan you.
I'm on DVT number 5 due to being Factor V Leiden deficient so I know what I'm talking about! 3/5 of mine started in the calf and the concern is that the blockage spreads up the vein. It could be a superficial thrombosis in a surface vein which is less serious but you'll need anticoagulant with both.
Things to look out for
1) pain like a pulled muscle or injury but no bruise
2) measure both leg width - DVT one usually more swollen even if only a couple of cm
3) warm to the touch where it hurts (not always though)
4) mine often at the site of a small knock previously.

It's a pain but being in the pill is a risk factor and it abounds possible.
Hope it goes ok.

Rosielee93 Wed 08-May-19 14:27:00

@hopefullyhelpfully are you on long term blood thinners? Poor you having had 5 that must be awful.

Definetly a&e as dvts can travel to your lung.

ragingchocoholic Wed 08-May-19 22:39:11

I can't bring myself to go, keep thinking that I'm probably just overthinking it and don't want to waste nhs resources. The pain/ache has sort of dialled down so it's probably nothing in hindsight.

5 dvts must have been absolutely scary though! How did you/they discover the 1st one?

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hopefullyhelpfully Thu 09-May-19 12:06:27

First one was in my 20s. I was on the pill, smoked occasionally and had a job with a lot of long haul flying. Got in a flight to Nigeria after a cheeky fag and 2 glasses of Pinot, fell asleep in the same position for 6 hours and .., hey presto!
They just assumed that me doing everything I shouldn't was the cause so it was fixed but not investigated much. 3 years later I'm slimmer, off the pill, exercising loads, not drinking and have a UK based role. Banged my leg slightly getting out of a cab and got another one. That one they looked into hence the factor V diagnosis.
I now know what to look for... tried long term coagulation but didn't suit me so I'm just very careful with hydration and exercise,..

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