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Best hayfever remedies for 14 year old?

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pepperpot99 Wed 08-May-19 07:38:00

This might not be the correct place to post but I am struggling to find something for my 15 year old. Runny nose, streaming eyes and so on. I can't remember what she took last year. What do you use please MNers? obviously the non-drowsy products are better. Thankyou.

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SnowsInWater Wed 08-May-19 08:11:23

We have found Claritin the best antihistamine for DD's hay fever (she is 16). Small tablets and non drowsy. Zyrtec is another option but the tablets are larger and studies show it is more likely to cause drowsiness although DD didn't experience that.

pepperpot99 Wed 08-May-19 08:14:05

Thanks Snows.

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LoafofSellotape Wed 08-May-19 08:14:25

In what way are you struggling? Have they tried lots of medicine that didn't work? There's lots of antihistamines on the market and Beconase is safe to use for under 18's if prescribed by a GP. We find that the most effective as there's no drowsiness.

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