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DS had OP today we paid privately - if they keep him in overnight will it be extra to pay?

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cherrytreeblossom Tue 07-May-19 16:08:44

We can't particularly afford it , although do have the money there to pay it if necessary.

Had to borrow half of the thousands the op cost from parents.

DS sustained a nasty sports injury, that he was on waiting list for repair for 6 months before we made decision to go private, when we were told it could be another 12 months.

This sport has been DS life for last ten years and he competes at a decent level - being unable to move on and get sorted was really effecting him.

He was first on list this morning and was expected to be fine to leave this afternoon.

Were 2 hours from home too so have a drive ahead of us yet.

He's feeling a little better after something to eat.

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Chartreuser Tue 07-May-19 15:59:02

^on a drip!

CMOTDibbler Tue 07-May-19 15:58:57

It depends - some providers do a fixed cost so everything is included even if you need extra time in. My dad had a prostate op done privately like that

Chartreuser Tue 07-May-19 15:58:50

OP I always get v sick after anaesthetic and they threaten to keep me in but then try one last anti emetic that can only be given via injection and it works a treat. As a child I ended up in a deep after grommets due to this.

Have they tried all anti emetics available?

AgentCooper Tue 07-May-19 15:58:11

Hope your DS is ok flowers

Bunnybigears Tue 07-May-19 15:57:59

Did you not ask these kind of questions beforehand?! It will cost you a lot of money. Depending his age, nature of op etc I would be tempted to discharge him and if necessary take him to A&E later but then I wouldn't have to money to pay, maybe you do.

rosie39forever Tue 07-May-19 15:56:09

Yes! When dh had a private op they billed for everything, overnight stay, food, medication, dressings the lot sorry but it was extortionate.

kaytee87 Tue 07-May-19 15:55:55

It will be plenty extra. Hope he's ok.

BrillyPribble Tue 07-May-19 15:55:24

It would be extra. I had a private op (via insurance) last year and insurance said they would cover 3 nights as the 'standard' stay. Any extras we'd have had to pay for ourselves. You will also have to pay for medication as well.

Aquamarine1029 Tue 07-May-19 15:55:02

You'll have to pay, alright. LOADS.

FuckItHurts Tue 07-May-19 15:53:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cherrytreeblossom Tue 07-May-19 15:51:41

Planned day case but isn't feeling great from anaesthetic, been sick a few times and they just said that they might keep him in overnight to keep an eye.

We are away from home so Id have to stay too - should I expect a hefty invoice ? Or would this be included ?

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