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Really tired after period..........anyone else get this?

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Ulysees Tue 17-Jul-07 23:25:20

I've noticed a pattern lately in that after my period I get so very tired. A friend reckons maybe I'm anemic? I eat meat but she said I may not be absorbing it properly?
Anyway have just taken a multi vit so will see if this helps? I need something as it's getting awful. I was wiped out the other day.

sallystrawberry Tue 17-Jul-07 23:29:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ulysees Tue 17-Jul-07 23:33:51

haha, hiya hun. Yes will do when I get back from hols, maybe all the meat I get over there will help me?

Off to bed now, night hun xx

TheDuchessOfFawkesBride Tue 17-Jul-07 23:54:01

I get anaemic post-period. If it's really bad I take Spatone for a week - the sachets of iron-rich mineral water, my midwife made me have them when I was pregnant as my iron was seriously low. They get my iron levels back up faster than tablets.

Or try taking an iron supplement with orange juice, the vitamin C helps to absorb the iron. I've also been told not to drink tea for an hour afterwards.

Chocolate also good

Ulysees Wed 18-Jul-07 09:40:33

Hi duchess, someone recommended those sachets last night so I'll get some now you have too. Thanks for the advice

Ulysees Wed 18-Jul-07 18:35:47

I got some sachets and some good multi vits so see how it goes? Still very tired today but hoping it'll improve

TheDuchessOfFawkesBride Wed 18-Jul-07 22:24:19

I bought some more Spatone today too - I haven't had them for ages and your post reminded me! Given how often I get anaemic I should probably have them on a permanent basis.

Shall we report back in a week and see if we feel any better?

Ulysees Thu 19-Jul-07 09:50:16

I'm going on holiday to Texas on Monday so will report back the beginning of August

Do you feel exhausted too Duchess? I feel wrung out again today.

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