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How much can I walk on a broken ankle?

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Whatafustercluck Tue 07-May-19 09:26:40

I broke my fibula, around the ankle, 7 weeks ago. It's apparently a complex fracture and I was in cast for 6 weeks, which got removed last week. The doctor said my latest xray shows there are no signs yet of healing, but the fracture is now 'stable' so he moved me to a walking boot for another 6 weeks, told me I can now bear as much weight as I can stand and said I needed to begin doing some light ankle strengthening exercises (move left, right, up and down several times a day). He said he was not unusually concerned that no healing has yet taken place, which is not uncommon. I've also had a dvt, so would expect that blood flow has been insufficient and may have hampered progress. Initially they'd suggested an operation to pin the bones, but when they discovered the dvt they decided that was too risky and opted for a different treatment plan which involved immobilization and wait and see.

Anyway, the ankle still gets quite swollen and can be painful at night in particular, but during the day I'm pretty much pain free and bearing most of my weight, so I've been walking on it quite a lot. Yesterday I did maybe 2 miles in total and, although i was tired, my ankle felt ok. I haven't checked with the specialist how far I should be walking on it and, although I feel ok, I am a bit worried about pushing myself too far too fast and risking recovery. But I've received no advice on what is 'too far' at this stage. I'm under a consultant at the hospital so can't just call in for advice, which I'd do with the gp.

Anyone been in the same situation or know about this kind of thing and can advise please?

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floraloctopus Tue 07-May-19 11:21:50

Ask for a telephone appointment with the GP and see what they say?

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