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Period Hell - unusual flow

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Blankspace4 Tue 07-May-19 06:23:22

Periods last 7 days. However, first 3 days, nothing more than the odd cramp and a small but increasing amount of brown discharge. The only time i seem to ‘flow’ is when having a no2 (tmi, sorry!) bright red blood (def vaginal) and then back to the brown discharge. Day 4, it feels like the WHOLE period comes in one day. Extremely heavy bleeding (will bleed through tampons in 3-4 hours) clots and pain. Day 5 a lighter flow then day 6 and 7 tapers off into the brown discharge again.

This has only been happening for the last 6 months. I’ve never been pregnant or had children - have had fertility issues but currently not on any medication.

Is this normal or something I should seek medical advice about?? Could it signal peri-menopause (I’m 37)?? 😱

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NoYo Tue 07-May-19 06:35:54

Could be perimenopause, when anything goes regarding periods.
Similar happened to me a few years ago, still going on now, I'm 45 now and well into peri.

Best advice would be to see your GP, who can advise you properly.

Fairylea Tue 07-May-19 06:36:45

My periods are exactly like this. It’s like I have nothing until the 4/5th day and then my entire womb lining comes out in one massive clot. I am under an endocrinologist for Addison’s disease, prolactin issues and an under active thyroid and was recently found to have low oestrogen so I am on the combined pill for hrt reasons. The endocrinologist seems to think it could be a combination of those things / not sure if any of them apply to you. She isn’t worried at all (!) although it’s very annoying to me. She says that particularly if you take any form of hormonal contraception it can be very normal.

I am 38.

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