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blood in discharge, pain left abdomen

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moscovv Mon 06-May-19 21:43:50

I've had bloody egg white mucus since Thursday - it's thick with bright red blood in for the most part, once or twice it's been more pinkish, today it was white/clear and there was a lot of it. Have also had some pain in my lower left abdomen and also around my pelvis, especially on the left side of the vulva, it feels sore. I've also had a few cramps, a little like period cramps but not as bad. I've also been constipated on and off this week, not sure if it's relevant. I've got a copper coil - again, not sure if relevant.

I've got a doctor's appointment booked for a week today. I'm so so scared it's something scary. I had the HPV vaccine but I'm worrying so much it's something on my cervix..absolutely terrified as everything I google comes up with scary stuff

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moscovv Mon 06-May-19 23:24:46

forgot to mention it's also painful in the area where bum meets back

Any ideas?? I'm scaring myself shitless cause everything I google comes up as cervical cancer but I had the vaccine and have been recently tested for STIs and all was fine

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pbdr Tue 07-May-19 08:51:58

Hi OP,

When was your last period? With one-sided abdo pain and blood stained discharge it is always worth considering the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. Your chances of becoming pregnant with the IUD are very small, but if you did it would be higher risk of being ectopic. If you are well and your pain is only mild I would suggest doing a pregnancy test. If you are unwell or your pain is severe A&E would be the safest option.

The chances of you having cervical cancer after having had the HPV vaccine are extremely slim, I'd be very surprised if that's what is happening here.

moscovv Tue 07-May-19 09:26:13

My last period was 13th to 17th April. Ectopic, fuck. The pain's gone down a bit, but last night it was quite painful left lower back and tummy.I thought ectopics were meant to be agony? I'm definitely not in that much pain at all.
I'll get a test later today, if it is ectopic would it show up? Thanks for replying

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pbdr Tue 07-May-19 11:02:56

If you have had a period that recently that makes it less likely to be an ectopic, as ectopic typically become painful when the foetus is ~6 week size and start to stretch the tube. The pain can be mild. Still worth doing a pregnancy test to be safe, if you had an ectopic big enough to cause significant pain then a pregnancy test should be positive.

Glad you are a bit more comfortable now.

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