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Cancer back pain cures

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IrishGal21 Mon 06-May-19 15:43:35

i have a relative who has lower back pain due to cancer and has tried most things to relieve it. Is currently taking codeine and paracetamol, has tried acupuncture, heat pack and heat lamp, stretching gently, massage. Any other home cures that could help? Thanks

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Giveronyoursausage Mon 06-May-19 17:35:10

My brother had the same pain he found using an ice pack helped better than a heated one.

iVampire Mon 06-May-19 17:45:51

He needs to get his pain meds reviewed by his hospital team, and ask if he can also use voltarol emulgel (which I can, even though my main cancer meds rule out oral NSAIDS). Deep Heat and Deep Freeze sprays might also help, as might massage (if he is cleared to receive that)

IrishGal21 Mon 06-May-19 20:15:30

is on some news meds so just had a review but pain is still severe a massage has helped will look intyo voltarol thanks

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Willowkins Mon 06-May-19 20:19:33

Oramorph (liquid morphine) is the next level up from Codeine. It can be prescribed by the GP or on-call doctor.

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