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Osteoarthritis in hips.

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Hot2TrotNowFit2Flop Mon 06-May-19 13:35:54

I have a 4&6 year old and decided it was time that I had something for myself so joins our local gym.
I've been working pretty hard to improve my fitness. I started with walking and did some pretty reasonable walks. After a few months I joined the gym and mixed my workouts with aqua and HIIT and zero impact core work.
Anyway, after getting to a point where the searing pain in my hips was waking me up in the middle of the night I decided to go to the Gp. I had a hip X-ray and the surgery phones me up to give me the results. The receptionist said 'the Dr has asked me to call you with your X-ray results and you have osteoarthritis in the hips, do strengthening exercises and come back to see the Dr'.
I was stunned. Firstly at the diagnosis and secondly that some random gatekeeper just blurted it out whilst I wasn't expecting it. It felt cold cold and shocking.
Anyway, that's not the beef as to why I'm here. It's my diagnosis.
I still have to see my GP but am wondering if anyone else has osteoarthritis of the hips and if you wanted to share any pearls of wisdom with me. I'm still reeling and feel alone.
Thanks in anticipation.

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goose1964 Mon 06-May-19 13:58:17

I was diagnosed with it about 15 years ago Last time I saw a specialist he told me that I didn't have osteoarthritis, the change first seen in my hip was due to my body dealing with a congenital problem and once the bone deposits had dealt with it it stopped. I still have awful pain though as my muscles haven't developed in the correct way.

If it is OA then you need to find out what help you with the pain. Physio does help as stronger muscle helps hold the joint in place better

OhMrTumnus Mon 06-May-19 14:11:33

Sorry to hear about your experience OP, I wouldn't want to receive that diagnosis over the phone either.

I was formally diagnosed with hip dysplasia about 15 years ago which resulted in osteoarthritis, after suffering with constant pain. I was referred to a consultant at one of the London hospitals who, 13 years ago, carried out a realignment of my hip which lasted well and I got back to the gym and was mostly pain free.

Skip forward to a couple of years ago after having two children and the pain was getting worse. Osteoarthritis had returned and I've now had a total hip replacement on that hip- honestly, it has been the best thing I did. Zero pain and there are no restrictions on what I can do (bar running a marathon, but that was never going to happen anyway). I've lost 2 stone from being able to walk and do more exercise and I feel like a different person. I am 37, if it helps to know my age.

6utter6ean Mon 06-May-19 14:17:47

I'm 47 and was diagnosed with OA in my lower back last year. I was in a lot of pain, but since I've started doing back-strengthening exercises regularly it's much better. Get a physio appointment asap.

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