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Hypertension help

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HealthConfusion Mon 06-May-19 11:15:34

I’ve had hypertension for over 15 years. Always controlled by a very low dose medication and caused no problems throughout 3 pregnancies and breastfeeding. After last baby bp was reading normal and I came off medication. Checked a few months ago at home and high so back to gp given different medication to what I was on previously. However it doesn’t seem to be doing anything!! Back and forth to nurse and readings still 160/100 on average. Finally get to see a gp and I came out crying. She just didn’t have a nice manner and was fixated on my birth control method then said rather abruptly I’d have to stop breastfeeding immediately. Like overnight. I explained that although my dc3 was coming up to 2 and a good eater they were still really reliant on bf especially at night and although willing to wean it would be a slow process. I asked what medication I could take in meantime. She suggested doubling dose of current mediation then adding in another but only suitable once I’d stopped bf. She said come back in 2 weeks when I’d be on new medication!! I was so upset I won’t have weaned my dc3 in under 2 weeks. Tbh I DON’T want to wean her. My other two children both stopped feeding naturally by 2.5 which we were all happy with no tears no pain no issues. I’m just so annoyed with this gp and don’t understand why I can’t take the old medication I’ve had throughout pregnancies and breastfeeding. She implied it wasn’t suitable one anymore but I don’t know why!! Anyway I’ve take a doubled up dose of mediation today and just checked bp and it was 185/122 so meds’ clearly doing nothing. I don’t want to see that GP again she upset me so much but am worried to see a new one too as they’ll have notes. I don’t want to wean just yet but he’s happy to work toward that in a few months. Should I ask to go back on the medication I had during pregnancy??

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goose1964 Mon 06-May-19 21:02:18

I have stubborn hypertension too. It's finally controlled 128/73 by three different medications. I've never been blamed by my doctors, that must be awful

HarryTheSteppenwolf Tue 07-May-19 07:03:49

What was the previous medication? The issue is that most anti-hypertensive drugs either are known to get into breast milk or don't have any studies showing safety in breast-feeding. While it doesn't sound like your GP is communicating very well, she is trying to protect your baby rather than blame you.

HealthConfusion Tue 07-May-19 09:16:19

Thank you both for your replies. I was on labetalol. She definitely wasn’t concerned for my DC. It was more of a you stop feeding right now so I can choose from more medicines for you. Which is fine in the medium term. What I don’t understand is why short term I can’t go back on lebetalol as it controlled my bp perfectly fine through 3 pregnancies and breastfeeding.

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