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I'm going to be sick

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Sleepinginthebathroom Mon 06-May-19 01:49:26

Posting for a distraction really

Currently sweating on the bathroom floor.
I know I'm going to be sick, I've been here about 45mins now
But it's just not happening

I feel like how you do that moment before you actually are sick,
I can't sleep, I can't get comfortable , I can't just get it over with

Feeling too sorry for myself

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KaleidoscopeEyes Mon 06-May-19 01:52:43

Not to be revolting, but have you stuck your fingers down your throat? I would much rather puke than have nausea...

DramaAlpaca Mon 06-May-19 02:00:50

Oh, poor you, I hate that feeling. Hope you are feeling better soon x

TheQueef Mon 06-May-19 02:04:30

Try a poo as well.
That can jump start it. (Sick in sink)

OnlineAlienator Mon 06-May-19 02:05:04

THE WORST. Why do you think you're sick?

Lilacwine01 Mon 06-May-19 02:10:20

How're you feeling now? If ever I feel sick like that I make myself sick via fingers down my throat... I can't stand nausea either (as pp). Hope you're feeling better without that though. 🤞

merle1990 Mon 06-May-19 02:25:51

I agree with some of the women here stick your fingers down your throat and help the process along. When I was pregnant sometimes I had to make myself sick to get over the nausea

Counter27 Mon 06-May-19 02:52:53

Same boat OP. Feel awful, can't sleep. Made myself sick and it hasn't helped much ☹️

Sleepinginthebathroom Mon 06-May-19 02:54:41

I had tried but was being a bit half hearted and martyry

Managed to do it in the end.
Euphoric. 😂
Does everyone get that on top of the world feeling?? Haha

Hoping it was just the once, or I'll be back again before the morning.
Honestly have no idea, it just seems to happen every few months - presumably I have some sort of intolerance that I've not yet figured out.

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Sleepinginthebathroom Mon 06-May-19 02:57:03

@counter27 how come you're sick?
Normally if it happens I try to drink loads and loads of water so I've actually got something to come up if it needs to. That may help you? .or can you get anything down that may settle your stomach a bit?

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Counter27 Mon 06-May-19 03:09:47

No idea... worst case scenario it's the start of some noro virus type thing 😭 best case scenario some food poisoning from dinner? Not sure. I can't think about food, my stomach feels so bloated and full. That's what is keeping me up now. I'll be back to the bathroom soon...

Sleepinginthebathroom Mon 06-May-19 10:56:29

Oh no @counter27 I hope it's got better for you ?!
I just feel a bit off today now
I think just the lack of sleep!

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Counter27 Mon 06-May-19 17:13:24

Feeling better now thanks, just utterly exhausted! Can't wait to sleep. Bath & bedtime with a 1 year old to get through first 😬

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