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Does anyone wear one contact lens (for long sightedness)

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PJ67 Sun 05-May-19 20:41:51

Need glasses for reading and spoke to the optician about contact lenses. He thinks I have a varifocal prescription although I've never noticed problems for distance. I'm getting varifocal type lenses to try but in the meantime he's given me one lens to try as an alternative as some people apparently do well with this (and it halves the cost!). I only started yesterday but feels a bit weird, like I'm not reading quite a s well as with glasses. Wondering if I would get used to it?

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pastaparadise Sun 05-May-19 20:45:08

Yes i sometimes only wear one, but for help seeing far away. I have ine long sighted and one short sighted. I only wear occasionally and actually sometimes forget which eye to put it in...

Trufflethewuffle Sun 05-May-19 21:13:24

My sister wore one for work. She is longsighted and needed to read labels etc in the shop but not for general stuff. It worked well for her once it settled but I think she found it weird to start with.

Arnoldthecat Sun 05-May-19 22:17:24

Can you not just buy some cheap ready readers from the supermarket/chemist? did you get a copy of your prescription? can you quote it?

schloss Sun 05-May-19 22:26:45

Yes I do works perfectly. I took to it from the moment I used a contact lense for the first time at the opticians. It can take a while for some people to get used to it, everyone is different as to how the brain and eyes cope with the mono vision situation. I have noticed a small amount of long distance vision, but as I am long sighted it doesn't make a lot of difference. I do not use the contact lenses all the time just when I need to not keep getting my glasses out to read small print.

The only issue I found was driving at night, I found oncoming headlights really caused a problem, so if I know I am going to be driving at night I remove the contact lense.

LittleMissEngineer Mon 06-May-19 22:24:25

I have two different contact lenses - different prescription for each eye: one for distance, one for reading. Took a little while to get used to (4-7 days), but rarely notice it now (even in the cinema - which was tough to begin with).

PJ67 Tue 07-May-19 20:34:50

Thanks all, will persevere a bit longer!

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underneaththeash Wed 08-May-19 11:22:01

It will never be quite as clear as with glasses as you're only using one eye, but can be more convenient than reading glasses (where you're constantly taking them on and off).

I find that around 75% of patients get on with having one lens for long and one for short, although it's a little less successful if you don't currently wear glasses at all.

It does take a bit of getting used to, basically you need to let your brain adapt to ignoring the eye that's out of focus.

I'd give it a little longer and see.

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