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Tooth abcess

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Mumof2boys74 Sun 05-May-19 09:12:08

I have a confirmed tooth abcess. The emergency dentist saw me a week ago gave me antibiotics and sent me to my regular dentist the next Tuesday . I went to my own dentist who did xrays and confirmed yes I’ve an abcess (quite a bad one in his words) and as it’s already been treated with a root canal the only other option was extraction but he couldn’t do it then as he’d no time make another appointment. The ONLY appointment they could give me was in three weeks time. Antibiotics are finished and I now feel very nauseous and hot and the abcess it large and angry any suggestions folks

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Pol16 Sun 05-May-19 09:31:02

This is a horrible situation to be in, especially on a Sunday with a bank holiday tomorrow. You need help as it sounds as if the infection is still very bad. If you phone your dentist is there an emergency number provided? Otherwise I’m afraid I would either ring 111, or go to A and E. I took a friend to A and E who was in the same situation and they made an appointment for her to have an extraction at a dental hospital the following day. You may made need different antibiotics to deal with the infection. I’m sorry not to be more help and wish you the best as I’ve been in a similar situation and you feel very unwell indeed.

Mrsjayy Sun 05-May-19 09:34:38

Phone the out of hours service see what they say ? Are you doing salt mouth washes if not do 2/3 a day with boiled water and half a teaspoon of salt will clean the area.

Mrsjayy Sun 05-May-19 09:35:28

Random ? Sorry

Mumof2boys74 Sun 05-May-19 09:43:37

Yes been salt rinsing etc. My on call only operates a few hours each day over the weekends and holidays so it’s now going to be tomorrow morning at the earliest. Would the hospital see me with a dental problem ??

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PrincessGinderella Sun 05-May-19 09:50:51

Does your dentist not offer emergency appointments? It's crazy to leave you in pain for 3 weeks.

I would call 111 and they will find you another dentist who can see you as an emergency.

Mrsjayy Sun 05-May-19 09:55:16

The hospital might give you antibiotics

Mumof2boys74 Sun 05-May-19 10:06:21

Ok thanks all my dentist only works one day a week and the practice doesn’t let you see anyone else . Just finished antibiotics so maybe need another course will maybe try the oncall doctor instead

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Pol16 Sun 05-May-19 10:06:44

Doctors are often reluctant to deal with tooth issues. However, if you have access to a ‘Walk in’ surgery they may be able to help. However, if you are desperate and have exhausted other options my experience is that A and E will assist you in some way although I know you will feel this is a last resort. The point is that you seem severely unwell and if you have a high temperature and nausea you need help soon, as symptoms could worsen.

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