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Pains only on right hand side

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rockingchaircandle Sat 04-May-19 22:22:40

For years, I've been getting a pain on my right hand side, roughly where my ovaries are. They used to come around the same time monthly, but not every month. I've had my ovaries scanned, three times, but nothing has been seen. (Other than that they are polycystic, which I knew already - although my last GP visit, he did a scan and said he couldn't see any cysts).

In the last year or so, the pains have got a lot more frequent, probably daily. But they move around too. Anywhere from my rib cage to my knees, often with pins and needles feelings. Often multiple places at once.

My latest doctor has done blood tests and hadn't found anything. He seemed baffled. Now on a long waiting list for a specialist.
Has anyone heard of anything similar?

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