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Bladder operation anyone?

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Widget123 Fri 03-May-19 03:07:18

So a couple of days ago I had a Cystoscopy and was diagnosed with a small papillary growth/tumour on the wall of my bladder. I’ve been fastracked to have it removed within 2 weeks.

Apparently they’re going to knock me out and go through my pee hole and burn/scrape it off. Has anyone else had this down or know anyone who has?

I think I’m just looking for some reassurance/hand hold/positive experiences as I don’t know anyone else who’s had anything in their bladder.

I’m 35yo mummy of two beautiful little girls, never smoked and hardly drink, pretty healthy, Christ knows how this thing got in there. Bad luck I guess.


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Moneys2Tight2Mention Fri 03-May-19 11:24:15

I feel for you so much... I have been referred for an ultrasound and then for a cystoscopy under GA and I am terrified of what they might find.

Did they take a biopsy when you had the cystoscopy? What were your symptoms?

flowers for you, the fact that it's small is good news.

Widget123 Fri 03-May-19 18:01:20

Hi, thank you for replying. No they didn’t take a biopsy, they’re going to send off the samples when they remove it.

I’ve had symptoms of cystitis (just thought it was interstitial never dreamt they’d find anything other than maybe some inflammation). It’s a horrible looking thing, like a clump of seaweed. I’m so worried about the op.

It’s good your having cystoscopy under GA everyone said it wouldn’t hurt but it was bloody horrible.

Sending you hugs and luck x what are you having it for? X

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sadpigeon Sun 05-May-19 09:00:20

Sorry to hear you have this. My grandfather had a few bladder polyps/tumours removed that way last year. Recovery was quick even though he is in his 80s, a bit sore the week after.

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