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Anyone else got this never ending cough ... don't want to bother GP

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dahliaaa Thu 02-May-19 20:12:21

I’ve had it nearly 4 weeks. Horrible chesty cough - just doesn’t seem to clear off chest. Not really a wheeze - more like a ‘catch’ when I breathe if that makes sense.
Feel really tired but no temp etc.
I haven’t had antibiotics in over 25 yrs when had a UTI but I know often not use for this type of thing anyway.

Do I just need to give it longer to go away ?

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DryHeave Thu 02-May-19 20:14:48

I’ve had this for several weeks as well. Worse in the morning and then nothing all day.

spugzbunny Thu 02-May-19 20:27:17

Yep. Baby and I have had it 6 weeks. I've been with her twice now and they've said it's viral and not to be concerned unless her breathing changes.

eurochick Thu 02-May-19 20:46:47

I have it too but I'm quite wheezy rather than chesty. I got it after a long haul work trip in mid bloody March!

Smurf123 Thu 02-May-19 20:59:31

My 13 month old has had it for almost 2 weeks now... Been to docs and been told his chest is totally clear.. He coughs so much at night it wakes him 😞

dahliaaa Thu 02-May-19 21:38:23

Sorry others are struggling - especially the little ones.
Sound like it could last a while yet ...

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coral13 Thu 02-May-19 22:00:28

I'd go to the doctors if 4 weeks - you won't be bothering them.

Coughs can be something minor that will go away by itself or they could be something more serious so they won't mind you going if it's been 4 weeks.

dahliaaa Thu 02-May-19 23:07:58

Thanks Coral - I’ll give it over the weekend and if no improvement will go after that

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Supersimpkin Thu 02-May-19 23:17:15

I've just come back from GP with ABs after 6 weeks of it. The sheer quantities of phlegm were exasperating. Still catching up on sleep after weeks 1-3 kept me up all night.

It's a really nasty bug.

starbrightnight Thu 02-May-19 23:20:58

Me too. Was referred to ENT after 6 weeks of it, also hoarse and fatigued. Had camera up nose and down throat and was delighted when the doctor said cheerfully, 'There's nothing wrong with you'. grin

CanYouHelpFindThis Thu 02-May-19 23:24:06

Iv got one atm.
But iv had a chest xray. Iv just finished a course of antibiotics, had a chest infection and a virus then got a cold. Was awful. Just the cough and cold left now. 10 days in. Last cough lasted 2 months....

Please never just leave a cough though, visit the doctor

starbrightnight Thu 02-May-19 23:29:51

There are a lot of allergies round at the moment, that's what they decided mine is.

PencilsInSpace Thu 02-May-19 23:33:46

Yup. I'm on day 3 of the worst chest since I stopped smoking 5+ years ago. I'm hoping to avoid a weeks-long hacking cough by using the exercises on this blog:

These have worked well in the past. Effective but a bit disgusting.

Pholcodine linctus works if you're exhausted and not sleeping because of a cough.

dahliaaa Fri 03-May-19 13:39:06

Will have a look at those exercises - thanks.

Feel really shattered today.

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Smurf123 Sun 19-May-19 13:32:56

A has anyone still got this cough? Ds is still coughing at night. I almost think it is beginning to get worse again sad

eurochick Sun 19-May-19 19:23:45

Yep. Two months for me now. Ffs.

ASnowballsChance Sun 19-May-19 20:57:54

My DC both have bad coughs - DS1 for 5weeks, DS2 for 3 weeks. I think it's whooping cough - all the symptoms are there but the GP is reluctant to diagnose/test further as means a lot of paperwork for them......

Bobbiepin Sun 19-May-19 21:00:05

Took 8 weeks for it to ease off and another month to go completely. I have asthma and get frequent chest infections so got checked out but no significant phlegm (and it wasnt dark yellow/green). Chest was clear, no problem. Just annoying.

NorthernRunner Sun 19-May-19 21:02:10

Apparently springs of fresh thyme in warm water helps soothe a cough 🤷🏻‍♀️
Incidentally have you thought about Hayfever? I often get a cough in May, and when I was younger it was so bad I needed an inhaler. My GP told me it was hayfever

TantricTwist Sun 19-May-19 21:11:20

Go to your local pharmacy first to see what they can advise.

Smurf123 Mon 20-May-19 06:56:24

Already thought of hayfever as I have it. Had talked to a pharmacist who said to try piriton who grew has been getting that for about a month now. Hasn't helped the cough though..
@ASnowballsChance I have thought of whooping cough also, as i think they coughing fits sound like that though he has been immunised

eggsandwich Mon 20-May-19 18:42:42

I’m now 3 months in with this cough though not as bad as it was initially but saw the doctor last week and he sent me for a chest xray so will get the results back in 7 to 10 days.

He did say to me that I might have a very mild case of asthma or I could of had a mild case of whooping cough as I’m close to the age where they have just found out that the vaccines for whopping cough which were given to my age group they didn’t cover you for life like the vaccine does now so I may need a top up.

Thymeout Tue 21-May-19 13:48:39

My 50 yr old cousin has had similar. Her sister, who's a doc in Canada, suggested whooping cough. Her UK doc agreed. Apparently the immunisation we get as babies doesn't last a lifetime and in Canada they give a booster for adults. Not available here.

Thymeout Tue 21-May-19 13:49:31

Cross-posted egg !

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