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Mastitis- help please!

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madmumNika Tue 17-Jul-07 13:01:37

Hi there, if anyone has any magic advice please let me know! My DD is 3 weeks old & I'm breastfeeding, but having to use nipple shields as she was early & has had probs latching on. All was going fine until yesterday morning when lumps had developed on left boob and by the afternoon I was feeling fluey and the breast was red where the lumps are... I tried expressing a bit, and using hot flannels etc. & am getting her to feed as much as possible from that side but this morning the lumps/redness/pain are still there (although don't feel as fluey). Any more ideas how to treat this, and when should you call the docs?

Many thanks xxxxxx

sparklesandwine Tue 17-Jul-07 13:17:05

hi madmum god its awful isn't it i had mastitis 5 times when bf DS3 i'd never had it with any of the others - go to the doctors asap they can give you antibiotics for it and you can carry on bf with them

its painful i know (i really do!) but if you can carry on do, it doesn't last for long once the antibiotics start working you'll feel much better

must admit though after the 5th time of having it i give up bf and bottle fed from 6 months........sorry if that doesn't help though!

casbie Tue 17-Jul-07 13:28:43

take some paracetamol and keep breastfeeding...

on both sides (otherwise you might have the same appear on the other side)!!!

get help with cleaning, washing, cooking and just rest with baby if possible until better as this can prolong the illness.

in the long tem i suggest you talk to a bf councellor who will be able help you cope long term with bf.

: )

casbie Tue 17-Jul-07 13:32:37

i wouldn't take anti-boiotics unless asbolutely ness. as they can transfer to milk.

is your gp bf friendly?

for the best advice call:0870 444 8708

NB I've bf 3 babies and still bf my third at two years. I fell terribly ill with mastitis and it was because i worked as a peer-to-peer supporter i understood what was going on. don't take my word for it though - call the helpline!!

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