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Angina diagnosis experiences?

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redannie118 Thu 02-May-19 08:41:46

I posted recently for advice after waking in the night with a crushing pain in the middle of my chest that extended across my shoulders and down my arms. It lingered for a few days and when i went to A and E had bloods and ECG and was told it was oesophogeal spasms due to stress( dad in ITU at end of life) and my ongoing Scleroderma.
I had a letter today saying another doc has looked at my notes and thinks its angina- apparently the waking in the night with pain is a classic symptom of varient angina? Ive googled it and Prinzmetal/ varient angina is very common for people with scleroderma. I have never smoked , am a healthy weight and my cholestrol levels are spot on.
My question is , are they just being over cautious? Surely it would have shown up on my ECGs? ( i had 3, apparently there was a anomally on one)and maybe bloods? Could you pls share your diagnosis experiences?
PS they have refferred me to the rapid access heart clinic- am awaiting app.

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NaToth Thu 02-May-19 13:35:06

I have this. Angina pain in the night or at rest is the classic symptom. It won't show in bloods, or on an ECG unless you are actually having an episode at the time, which is partly why it took me seven years to get diagnosed.

There's a good and knowledgeable support group on Facebook that keeps me sane.

redannie118 Thu 02-May-19 14:32:57

@ Na tog thanks for your reply thats so helpful ! Would you mind sharing the group name( happy for you to pm me if you dont want it public)

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redannie118 Thu 02-May-19 14:35:02

@Na toth thank you thats really helpful, would you mind sharing the name of the group? Please feel free to pm if you dont want it public

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