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Please stop my neurosis re DS1's weird head injury

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Hassled Tue 17-Jul-07 10:42:54

DS1 is 20, working in local pub over university holidays. He was cleaning the pub - remembers switching the hoover on - and the next thing he can remember is the landlord talking to him. The landlord had found DS1 wandering in a different part of the pub, very confused, not knowing where he was or making any sense and with a large bump on his head. The tables there are fairly hefty and solid so I'm assuming he banged his head on a table.
This all happened a few days ago and DS1 is fine, the lump's gone down and all's well. However, being the neurotic worrying kind I'd like to know a) why would he have fallen so hard? He's not clumsy. Could he have "fitted"? b)Is it normal to just not remember anything? All 4 DCs have had their share of banged heads, but have never not been able to remember. There is a "lost" 5 minutes between starting to hoover and being found.
Please feel free to tell me I worry too much!

lazymoo Tue 17-Jul-07 21:43:19

Did DS1 not go to the hospital or at the very least a doctor, surely his employer has a obligation to the health of his employees to have insisted that your DS1 go to the doctors (I am not an employer so I am only assuming) By the way if DS1 was mine I would be worried too, this sounds awful, also could he have had an electric shock from the hoover.

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